Are you wearing the right mask?  The news reported that one must be careful of the mask you wear.  It has been reported that wearing dust mask and scarves over your face are not protective.  When someone coughs in one of those coverings, the droplets can escape and still hit those around them.  This is … More COUGHING AND MASKS


Everyone should wear a mask when leaving home.  It helps keep you protected. It has been shown that the mask helps keep droplets from coming into your mouth and nose when you are out. Weigh the odds:  Wear a mask and keep yourself and your family protected?  OR Don’t wear a mask and become infected … More MASK! MASK! MASK!


Be careful. When someone coughs in the atmosphere the droplets linger in the air for up to 14 minutes. These droplets can get in your eye sockets, nose or mouth and you could become infected.

Christmas Tree Lights

Enjoy your Christmas lights, but be mindful of the following: *Don’t let them get too hot, cut them off periodically to cool off *Don’t have more than 3 sets of lights plugged into one outlet *Outdoor lights need currency stronger than indoor lights, use outdoor extension cords