OSHA Training

OSHA 10 and 30 hr General Industry with some construction training for authorized cards from Texas A & M TEEX. This training is available for employers and their employees.  It is also available to nonprofit organizations for their clients. This training gives their clients a better opportunity at employment. All trainees receive certificates in OSHA … More OSHA Training


Turkeys are part of the poultry family, be careful how you handle your leftover turkey. We all know turkeys are cooked in very large pans that don’t always fit in the refrigerator.  After the meal, and the cook or cooks are beat, someone has to clean the kitchen.  Be careful not to leave the turkey … More LEFTOVERS


The Holidays are upon us and there is a lot of excitement.  Everyone’s cooking and decorating and getting everything ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here are a few pointers to help you have a safe and happy holiday season. Don’t overload your wall sockets.  If you have too much plugged into one socket you can … More ELECTRICITY


Break rooms hold many, many, many germs.  Be sure when cleaning the break rooms everything is wiped down.  Things that hold cold and flu germs: Microwave handles and buttons Refrigerator handles Light switches Door handles Coffee pot handle Chairs Cabinet and Drawer handles Be mindful when cleaning the break room, use a two step clean. … More BREAK ROOMS